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Learning to fly by instruments

It was important that pilots be able to fly by their instruments at night and in fog.  There were two ways to learn this skill.  One way was flying at night with an instructor in the second seat.  However, this was somewhat dangerous.  A more efficient and faster way was for the student pilots was to spend time "flying" a Link trainer under the guidance of a nearby instructor. The Link Trainer in our Museum is one of four used at the No. 6 SFTS.  Link Trainers became famous during WW II when they were a key pilot training aid used by almost every combatant nation.

Typically students in the BCATP spent 18 hours in one of these trainers.  We know from articles in the "Sky Writer", a monthly magazine produced by the staff at the No. 6 SFTS, that students were fearful that they might washout during this time.

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